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Our truckload team constantly works to add quality carriers to our system so that we can deliver qualified capacity to our customers when they need it most. That’s how we specialize in truckload shipping for beginners and experts alike. The World Wide Shipping Express truckload team is built on a foundation of transparency with our valued customers and these specialists will go out of their way to ensure that your freight gets covered in a cost effective way and will communicate with you throughout the lifespan of your load.

Stringent Carrier Vetting Process

Every truckload carrier in the World Wide Shipping Express system is scrutinized to ensure that only the carriers with qualified safety rating and insurance standards will be moving your valuable cargo. Any truckload shipping company worth its salt will vet their carriers. While carriers are checked during their initial on-boarding, we go the extra mile and update their information before each load is transported by them in our system. We also set ourselves above our competition by only working with carriers that have a minimum of $100,000 in cargo insurance. Finally, we have our own internal performance monitoring system for each carrier and hold our carriers to strict performance standards.

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Proactive Truckload Shipping Tracking

Our truckload team performs multiple checks calls on each load in our system daily. For customers requiring details on updates, we have an automated notification process that alerts stakeholders after critical stages of the shipment have been completed. We’re all about getting the best price, sometimes even “partialling” truckload shipments. When it comes to your truckload shipping, at FreightPros we are committed to getting you the best rates and the best service available throughout the industry. Using technology such as GPS truck tracking, we know where your freight is at all times. We’ve got customer support available and it’s that sort of proactive approach to truckload shipping that keeps us ahead of the game.


Deep Freight Discounts

Access incredible savings from our database of qualified, vetted freight carriers that will get your freight delivered safely, on-time, and for a great price.

Service First Approach

Our Operations have been molded to be proactive, rather than reactive. We strive to provide a quality freight experience for our customers.

Stress-Free Guarantee

From getting a freight quote to booking, tracking and the bill auditing process. We take the headache out of your logistics and make these challenging processes as efficient and easy as possible.

Save Time and Money

Enjoy access to 70+ carriers, instantly compare multiple freight quotes and book shipments in a flash. As a top 3PL, we work with only the best carriers to ensure competitive rates for your freight.



Truck freight services are commonly used for domestic and cross-border deliveries. Working with an established freight forwarding provider gives you access to a strong network of carriers throughout North America. OCL’s freight forwarding services are for Canadian and American businesses. American businesses can uniquely benefit from our services by working with a Canadian carrier.
We uniquely use our network of Canadian-based carriers to find exchange rate wins for American companies. Our team and partners are experts in domestic and cross-border deliveries. We fully understand the requirements of trucking cargo and can assist with:
  1. 24/7 customer service representative
  2. Shipment guidance and assistance
  3. Experienced freight auditors
  4. Bill of lading preparation
  5. Online cargo visibility
  6. Personalized Appointment scheduling
  7. Cargo insurance
  8. Specialized handling
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Full truck load (FTL) shipping is a viable solution for supply chains that need to move large or high-volume shipments of products. Full truck load deliveries use the entire available space of a cargo truck to transport the shipment from the point of origin to the destination.
Learn more about our Full Truck Load Services.


Less than truckload (LTL) is ideal for businesses moving smaller than FTL shipments. LTL transports smaller shipments through a network of terminals. Transit times are longer, but it is economical for moving smaller shipments, balancing time, and reducing cost.
Learn more about our Less Than Truckload Services.


Temperature-controlled truck freight is a type of shipping service that businesses can use to transport temperature-sensitive products. We work with refrigerated carriers to ensure cargo arrives at its destination at the optimal temperature.
Learn more about our Temperature Controlled Trucking Services.


Flat deck trucking is an essential trucking service. This form of freight trucking is used for moving large bundles of construction supplies, machinery, and other wide-shaped goods to distribution centers and warehouses across the country.
Learn more about our Flat Deck Trucking Services.


Over-dimensional freight forwarding services effectively transport oversized loads. The classifications for over-dimensional cargo shipments vary between each province and state. Our team understands all over dimensional requirements and can guide you through the entire process for your unique shipment.
Learn more about our Over-Dimensional Freight Services.


Intermodal trucking refers to the movement of cargo shipments using rail and trucks. The process requires a truck to pick up the shipment and deliver it to its origin rail ramp. Another truck is required to pick up the cargo shipment from the destination rail ramp and make the final delivery.
Learn more about our Intermodal Trucking Services.


Overseas Container logistics provides truck freight services for the removal of dangerous goods. We work with carriers that have the correct equipment and qualifications to transport all nine classes of substances.

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